At Agyaal every morning we wake up with some new refreshing belif of making Uttrakhand a heaven as it used to be..for that every single step on its way is important...on the series of same we have already done Panchaang vimochan samaroh which was a very sucessful event right in the begining of year itself.
We have also planned some activities for the ongoing year listed below subject to the review of genral members and core commitee for the current year.

1- Blood donation camp-the activity was planned last year but unfortunately could not be accomplished,sometimes in august.
2- Bagwaal manayegi Agyaal yr 2 on occasion of Egaas.
3- Nukkad Natak in the city for the awareness among citizens fr their rich culture and heritage, their language and their fundamental rights
4- Medical helath camp along with Akhil Garhwal sabha, Mundeswar, pauri garhwal in june first week

1- March 21st, 2013 world water day, Agyaal participated with other renowned NGO's like Agaas,Savedi,Garh Jagar etc in nukkad natak ,by singing songs and addressing the need to conserve water and their sources...few members of core committee was available there...
The cost in prime was incurred by other NGO's

2 - Agyaal is very active in social media like facebook and youtube etc..
Updates regarding our culture,language and topics which sensitizez an Uttrakhandi is updated almost every alternate day.

3- Date-12/11/2012,Bagwaal managegi Agyaal was the second and memorable event in which we all celebrated Diwali by our traditional Bhailo making and burning them around the Dhuni(bonfire) ..The traditional pahari dhol and damou was also hired for the purpose...All agyaal members were wearing the green colour Khadi kurta representing the greenery of our hills and our culture..
The programmed was attended by our family members and a lot of local resident of colonies...
The efforts of Sh Suneel mamgain, Sh Neeraj Rawat, Sh Suneel Dimri, Sh Harish Kandwal, Sh Manoj Hemdan, Sh Mahendra Kharola,Sh godiyal ji. Sh Devendra Negi etc is really appreciable in making the Bagwaal a successful and unforgettable even

4 - We had a very successful plantation programmed held on 23/09/2012 at Doon University Road,Dehradun. All members planted around 27 trees in total and dedicated the plants to he victims of Ukhimath (act of god).

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