1-To conserve, protect and promote the unique culture and heritage of the State of Uttrakhand.

2-To develop and promote facilities for better health and wellbeing of people especially in remote hill regions of Uttarakhand.

3-To promote ways and means of self-employment through socially useful and productive activates and occupations.

4-To spread legal awareness about prevalent law and to sensitize the community regarding their legal rights and duties.

5-To spread awareness and impart knowledge amongst the apathetical masses about critical health issues .

6-To Endeavour to lessen the emergence of social evils and curb increasing levels of public and social nuisances through peaceful and persuasive means and to provide suggestions and necessary information to appropriate Government agencies about social miscreants and nuisances.

7-To undertake the initiative towards the conservation of the garhwali and kumaouni language and culture.

8-To undertake initiative towards the conservation and promotion of uttrakhandi food.

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