AGYAAL is formed in March 2012 by an experienced couple, comprising of a Doctor,a Pharmacist and rural managers with an objective to create awarness about our culture, our about to extinguish language, our dresses and the rich heritage.Agyaal is an attempt, to find my contribution to my state, my village my community.After more than 6 decades of independence, many villages are deprived of Good health,education and employment,there is a good percentage of villages where electricity is not yet reached or it is not in their reach. AGYAAL is actually 'ME',and 'YOU'. AGYAAL is an initiative to introspect and analyse ourself, to take preventive measures-to secure our culture. Today we know it is Devbhumi Uttrkahand----but 10 years down the lane,very few of us will be knowing about it. Our struggle is also for the rapid depletion of forests, cover threatening natural resources and resulting in an acute seasonal scarcity of water. Poor health due to ignorance, superstition and low awareness on sanitation measures; few non-agricultural income options and low standards of primary education,and sports in uttarakhand are some of the other prevalent problems.

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